Nebraska Medicine was victim of cyber attack

Nebraska Medicine was victim of cyber attack

 Kevin Westhues reports:

Nebraska Medicine confirmed Thursday night that it was the victim of a cyber attack. The attack caused a significant downtime for its information technology system, leading to many postponed appointments throughout the week.

The entity issued a statement on Thursday that says, in part:

Earlier this week Nebraska Medicine experienced a significant information technology system downtime event. This downtime is the result of a cyber security attack. We notified law enforcement and activated our extensive and well planned contingency plans supported by trainings to prepare for these kinds of IT system situations. This includes prioritizing patients who have appointments or surgeries that are critical to their health and wellbeing. We have continued to see patients, as scheduled, using alternative, standardized processes to record and transmit information manually. For patients with elective procedures and appointments that were not critical in nature, we have rescheduled them and apologized for the inconvenience. Our emergency room remains open and we have not diverted any patients who arrive there.

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