NeoGaf forces password reset after admin account compromised

Forum announcement posted on NeoGaf on Wednesday:

We’ve just had an admin account compromised briefly by an automated attack. The hole was immediately plugged, but we’re forcing a site-wide password reset for the safety of the members since it’s possible they obtained some data. If you used the same password for other sites, be sure to update any relevant accounts elsewhere as well, and be especially careful with your email accounts. Sorry for the trouble.

The password change should take between 1 second to 30 seconds to be effective in the database architecture.

Email address is not involved in the password change.


If you need to change the email address because your old one don’t longer works, just issue a email change from your control panel.

I will be updating the users awaiting confirmation email to members every 5 minutes.

No need to PM Gromph anymore for a change of email address.

NeoGaf’s site indictates it has over 114,000 members.

h/t, MCV

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