New Data Quantifies Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Providers

Hannah Neprash and Alan Z. Rozenshtein write:

 In a new JAMA Health Forum Original Investigation, we and our co-authors address this data gap. We have created the Tracking Healthcare Ransomware Events and Traits (THREAT) database, a comprehensive accounting of 374 ransomware attacks on U.S. healthcare delivery organizations from 2016-2021. To assemble this database we used proprietary and publicly available data, supplemented with news reports, press releases, and breach notification letters. While many cybersecurity firms conduct similar tracking of ransomware attacks and publicize their findings, ours is the first peer-reviewed analysis of a database with transparent data collection protocols.

Read more at LawfareBlog. The full report can be downloaded for free from the JAMA Network in html or pdf, here.

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