New Milford, CT issues data security incident notice

NEW MILFORD, Conn.Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Town of New Milford (“the Town”) is providing notice of a recent data incident that may affect the security of certain personal information within its email system. To date, the Town has no indication that any information has been misused as a result of this incident. However, in an abundance of caution, the Town is providing information about the incident, steps they are taking in response, and steps individuals may take to better protect their personal information.

On or around October 3, 2019, the Town became aware of unusual account activity related to the Town’s email environment. The Town immediately took steps to investigate this activity, which included working with expert third-party forensic investigators. Through the investigation, the Town determined that an individual accessed certain emails within the Town’s email environment without authorization. The Town immediately took steps to terminate this access to the Town’s email environment and is providing notice of this incident so that those individuals whose information may have been present in the email account at the time of the unauthorized access are aware of this event. The accessed email environment may have included personal information for certain individuals affiliated with the Town, including current or former employees and residents.

The Town takes this matter, and the security and privacy of information, very seriously. In addition to conducting a diligent investigation into this issue, the Town immediately terminated the individual’s access to Town systems upon discovery of this issue. The Town is reviewing and taking steps to enhance their security safeguards. Local law enforcement was notified of this incident. The Town continues to cooperate with law enforcement as the investigation continues.

Read the full notice here.

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