Jul 072016

People have often asked me if I compile stats on the reports on my site. I haven’t, but am pleased to announce that I am now collaborating with Protenus to help them provide monthly stats for U.S. breaches involving health/medical data.

You can read their first blog post on June incidents here.  Here’s a snippet from the analyses:

  • 41.4% of reported breach incidents involved hacking
  • 41.4% involved insider wrongdoing/error, and
  •  17.2% involved theft/loss of devices or paper records.

Interestingly, in the 23 incidents for which information is available, 9 involved business associates (BAs) or vendors–with six stemming from the same BA.

If you’re a regular reader of my site, you’ll know that the one business associate that accounted for so many reports was Bizmatics, Inc.

Based on what I’m learning elsewhere, I expect July will also yield some high numbers in terms of number patients whose protected health information has been compromised, so stay tuned.

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