New Player in Personal DNA Profiling Emphasizes Privacy

Jacob Goldstein writes in The Wall Street Journal Health Blog:

Another company is jumping into the growing world of direct-to-consumer DNA testing today. For $2,500, Navigenics will tell you your genetic risk for 18 different diseases — at least according to the best available genetic studies. Another $250 a year gets you an ongoing subscription to the company’s services.

As the WSJ notes, the company has a pretty detailed privacy policy. That’s a nod to the fears of many that genetic testing might work against them, by alerting potential insurers or employers to a person’s health risks.

Of course, Navigenics’ competitors — mainly the Google-funded 23andMe and deCODEme, an outgrowth of deCode Genetics — say they have tight data protection, too. The other companies charge roughly $1,000 for their service.

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