Newly revealed breaches on OCR's site (updated)

Some  more breaches that we did not know about have been revealed on OCR’s web site:

Occupational Health Partners
State: Kansas
Approx. # of Individuals Affected: 1,105
Date of Breach: 5/12/10
Type of Breach: Theft
Location of Breached Information: Laptop

UnitedHealth Group

State: Minnesota
Approx. # of Individuals Affected: 16,291
Date of Breach: 1/26/10
Type of Breach: Other
Location of Breached Information: Paper Records

Omaha Construction Industry Health and Welfare Plan
State: Nebraska
Business Associate Involved: Deboer & Associates
Approx. # of Individuals Affected: 800
Date of Breach: 11/11/09
Type of Breach: Theft
Location of Breached Information: Laptop

Two of the breaches reported above appear to have been submitted to HHS beyond the 60 day period.

Update: I missed one that’s also newly on their list:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
State: Tennessee
Approx. # of Individuals Affected: 1,745
Date of Breach: 4/19/10
Type of Breach: Loss
Location of Breached Information: Laptop

Thanks to ITRC for alerting me to my omission.

Corrected/updated 1-29-11 to remove duplicate listing of a Michigan incident that was subsequently reported elsewhere on this blog.

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