NEworks unavailable due to cyberattack on Geographic Solutions

1011 News reports:

The NEworks website is currently unavailable as the result of a cyberattack involving NDOL’s web vendor: Geographic Solutions, Inc.

GSI discovered a cyberattack that required its state labor exchange and unemployment claims systems to be taken offline. GSI is working around the clock to restore access to its systems as soon as possible. GSI has not provided a projected date for when the outage will be resolved, but indicated that the site will be down for at least the next two days.

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As of this morning, visitors to the Nebraska Department of Labor’s NEworks site see a “down for maintenance” notice. Since this was not any scheduled maintenance, perhaps the notice should have said, “We’re sorry, but our site is unavailable due to an attack on one of our vendors. We will be back as soon as they restore their services.”  Wouldn’t transparency be refreshing?


GSI states that there is no evidence of any user data being compromised. They have not indicated whether this is a ransomware attack or not. As of the time of this report, DataBreaches has not spotted GSI listed on any ransomware leak site, but that, of course, could change. DataBreaches will update this post if more information becomes available.

Update of July 1: The GSI breach has impacted at least nine states already. See Kevin Collier’s coverage today.

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