Safaricom Hits Back Accusing Petitioner Of Stealing Customer Data In The Ksh115 Trillion Lawsuit

Alvin Wanjala reports:

Last year July Safaricom was sued in a class-action suit [by] Benedict Kabugi Ngungu, for mishandling customer data. According to the case file, the telco was taken to court for allegedly exposing sports betting history and biodata of 11.5million subscribers.

At the time, the petitioner said that one of the company’s subscriber approached him with personal data of 11.5 million subscribers. The lawsuit wanted the telco to pay Ksh 110 trillion as compensation for violation of data privacy laws.

[Note from  that amount converts to USD $1,087,175,672,000.00]

As the Standard reports, Safaricom has now hit back accusing Mr Benedict Kabugi of stealing personal data of millions of users then demanding ransom.

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