Figure at center of UCLA medical records flap was just 'nosy'

Charles Ornstein of the Los Angeles Times reports: The UCLA Medical Center employee who allegedly pried into the private medical records of the governor’s wife and 60 others in a burgeoning scandal was a low-ranking administrative specialist who told The Times on Tuesday that “it was just me being nosy.” “Clearly I made a...

WellPoint Customer Information Exposed

Well, broke the story yesterday, but now the Associated Press has picked up the story and done something I couldn’t do — they got a statement from WellPoint. WellPoint’s statement to the Associated Press is not wholly consistent with what’s investigation found, but more on that later.

WellCare Health Plans discloses data difficulties

WellCare Health Plans Inc. has blamed human error for the disclosure on the Internet of some data for its Medicaid members in Georgia.The data included personal identifying information for some members of Georgia Families, WellCare said in a release. The files included information such as members’ names, birth dates, dates of eligibility, member ID...