NHS Scotland accidentally leaks list of transgender patients

Pink News reports:

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has reportedly leaked data pertaining to 86 transgender patients.

The error occurred on Monday, when the Sandyford clinic – which provides gender and sexual health services in the Glasgow area – sent an open email chain to transgender patients, advertising a new service.

As the email chain was not sent via BCC – which is standard practice – the full list of email addresses of people receiving gender treatment at the clinic was visible to all participants.

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KaleidoScot adds:

Many of the emails contained first and last names as well as full birthdate of the transgender clients, in effect, potentially outing them and putting them at risk.

The person who sent the email noticed the error and sent three times an email message to recall the emails from the transgender client list, but included each time the full list of email addresses.

This indivertibly further compounded the breach further and would have appeared multiple times in the inbox of the transgender clients.

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