NHS vendor Advanced won’t say if patient data was stolen during ransomware attack

Carly Page reports:

Advanced, an IT service provider for the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), has confirmed that attackers stole data from its systems during an August ransomware attack, but refuses to say if patient data was compromised.

Advanced first confirmed the ransomware incident on August 4 following widespread disruption to NHS services across the U.K. The attack downed a number of the organization’s services, including its Adastra patient management system, which helps non-emergency call handlers dispatch ambulances and helps doctors access patient records, and Carenotes, which is used by mental health trusts for patient information.

In an update dated October 12 and shared with TechCrunch on Thursday, Advanced said the malware used in the attack was LockBit 3.0, according to the company’s incident responders, named as Mandiant and Microsoft.

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