Nightmare Joins 0xOmar for Attacks on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israel Airline

content/images/gallery/random3/nightmare-group-0xomar-saudi-hacker-against-israel-pastebin-com_.png We have just been alerted to an attack that is currently taking place on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israel Airline. The attack is which Part of the Saudi Hacker 0xOmar’s fight towards Israeli and he has joined forces with another hacker going by the handle of Nightmare. The current attack is said to be carried out by night mare and when we have just checked both sites are very slow and timing out which does suggest that they are under attack. content/images/gallery/random3/nightmare-group-0xomar-saudi-hacker-against-israel-pastebin-com_.png The attacks are on and

Nightmare group who successfully Downed bank of America website( claim they are attacking to DDOS two critical website of Israel : (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) (Israel Airline) the Nightmare Group joined to 0xOmar movement and Islamic hackers against Israel

Keep track of the attacks by following 0xOmars forum, may be slow at times.

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