NJ: Computer stolen from Inspira Medical Center Vineland (updated)

UPDATE: There was no patient data on the computer.

Original post:

Yesterday, Don E. Woods reported:

Police are investigating the theft of a computer, according to reports, that took place from the radiology department in the regional medical center.

The computer may have contained personal records and information, police said, which are password protected.

The theft occurred at Inspira Medical Center Vineland sometime on Monday, reports indicated, when it was taken from an unsecured filing room in the radiology department.

Medical center personnel were investigating whether the computer actually contained patient information.

Today, The Daily Journal provides a self-contradictory report. First they state:

A computer containing personal records and other information about patients was stolen from Cumberland County’s biggest medical facility, police said.

Two sentences later, they report:

The computer was password-protected but did contain patient information, an Inspira employee told police.

Inspira spokesman Greg Potter said they health system was aware of the theft and is “still evaluating whether there was patient data on the computer.”

So does the computer contain unencrypted PHI? There is no statement up on the medical center’s web site at the time of this posting.

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