NJ: Documents Containing Personal Info from City Hall Found in Public Dumpster

Phaedra Laird reports:

Authorities in Middle Township are investigating how documents from Municipal Hall containing personal information like social security numbers, landed in a public dumpster. The information, which was handed over to officials, could’ve easily landed in the wrong hands.

“Oh, I got some more social security numbers.” When Carla Carpenter came to the Middle Township Recycling Center Thursday night, it was to drop off some boxes. She had no idea that while dropping off her trash, she would stumble upon a proverbial treasure of personal information, in a large bag clearly from Municipal Hall. “It was right on top in this corner here,” she showed us, “I found police reports with the person’s name, social security number, their home address, telephone number,” said Carpenter sifting through the documents, “perfect for identity theft.”


Township officials confirm this wasn’t the first time these kinds of documents were found in the dumpster and the bag found Thursday wasn’t the last. Just today a bag was found with more, unshredded document, some dated as recently as yesterday afternoon. “It is a serious concern,” said Mallett, “we take this very seriously and that’s why we’re going to take it and have the police do an investigation.”

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