NJ Supreme Court upholds criminal indictment of school board employee who stole student records to support lawsuit

Jeffrey A. Gruen of Day Pitney LLP reports that the New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the criminal indictment of an employee who stole documents from her employer to support her employment lawsuit. It’s an insider breach that I don’t recall ever reading about before, although now that I’ve gone looking for it, I can see that there was some media coverage back in 2012. Here are the details Gruen provides:

Yvonne Saavedra worked as a tenured clerk for North Bergen Board of Education. In November 2009, Saavedra and her son, who worked part-time for the school board, filed a discrimination and whistleblower lawsuit against the board and certain individuals.

The lawsuit alleged gender and race discrimination and accused the board of discharging Saavedra’s son in retaliation for various complaints Saavedra raised about pay practices, unsafe conditions, and violations of child study team regulations, among other claims.

In the course of the lawsuit, Saavedra turned over approximately 367 confidential student financial, educational, and medical records that she had stolen from the office. Many of them were original documents, leaving the school board with no copies. (emphasis added by DataBreaches.net).

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