Nl: City sends wrong file

Seen at Karin Spaink’s blog:

After requesting a directory of the services of city X, a citizen of that city was sent not that directory, but a file containing the names of the circa 2800 people living in that city who may not renew their passport or who have to hand in their passport. Reasons why people end up on this so-called Alert List: they’ve lost their passport too often (and are suspected of fraud or trafficking in passports); they owe the government money (taxes, fines, alimony); they’ve lost Dutch nationality; they’re bankrupt; or they’re involved with criminal offenses. Every city receives an Alert List from the Dpt. of Internal Affairs once per month.

The Dpt. of Internal Affairs will remind all city authorities to treat the Alert List as sensitive data, and considers to send it in the form of protected digital data in the future. Currently, the ALert List is sent in paper form.

references: Dpt. of Internal Affairs, June 6, 2010

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