NL: Nearly a hundred notary offices victim of hacker

Anton Mous reports:

96 notary offices have become the victims of a cyber attack. On Friday morning, April 16, ICT supplier Managed IT from Nieuwegein was hacked by an unknown attacker. As a precaution, the company and a number of notarial software suppliers have shut down their servers and databases.

The cyber attack was spotted last Friday morning. Managed IT took immediate action by disconnecting the servers and databases to which a number of notarial software suppliers are linked. 

Read more on, although as of yesterday, they had been unable to get any details or answers as to what had happened.

The Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries (KNB) is a professional organisation under Dutch public law. All notaries and junior notaries in the Netherlands are members of the KNB, and they were issuing press releases, although they are no longer available on their web site.

The web site for Managed It was online when this site checked today, but there does not seem to be any notice about the incident.

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