Nl: TV show leaks data

Karin Spaink translates another breach:

Breekijzer is a by now defunct tv show to which people could send their complaints about companies, institutes and government bodies; the program would select some of these complaints and attempt to help the complainers. All (or most) of the complaints that Breekijzer received are stored in an online database; once you had logged in to see your own complaint, you could easily see all other complaints by merely changing the complaint number. Thus, 13.000 complaints were retrievable. All complaints listed name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and gender. Often, the complaint itself has a private nature.

response: Pieter Storms – the owner of the TV show – did not respond to warnings. In the end, his ISP took measures to prevent further leaking.

references: Bits of Freedom, August 16, 2010

Source: Karin Spaink

If anyone can read the original to see if there are additional details: at what point did the ISP respond? I was thinking about what an ISP here would do under similar circumstances.

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