NM: Credit theft sours winery experience

Ashley Meeks reports:

It certainly wasn’t the wine or the bowtie pasta at St. Clair Winery & Bistro that left a bad taste in Bianca Villani’s mouth. It was the call from Visa, informing her that someone in Maryland was trying to put hundreds of dollars of purchases on her card and the cards of two of her other friends – who had also gone to the Dec. 11 dinner.

The women are just a few of estimated hundreds of patrons whose credit card information was stolen from the restaurant, at 1800 Avenida de Mesilla, which has been scrambling to implement a more secured credit card system in the last few weeks.

Police told Villani the security breach might have come from someone hacking into the database of the St. Clair Winery in Albuquerque, retrieving all the credit card numbers used at the winery’s locations across the state.

The alleged credit card fraud remains under investigation, Albuquerque FBI agent Darrin Jones confirmed.

Read more in the Las Cruces Sun-Times.

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