NM: Fired by Roadrunner, former employee allegedly took revenge by hacking them and re-routing customer service calls

Kirsten Swanson reports:

A Rio Rancho man was arrested for hacking his old employers and posing as a technician, even after police say they charged him with a crime.

Gordon Logan is accused of hacking into the servers at Roadrunner Wireless Internet Service. He worked at the company for 16 years.

Police started to investigate Logan after a current employee tipped them off to some strange activity on the company’s server, according to court documents. Investigators found Logan had hacked the service provider and changed passwords.

Charging documents also accuse him of changing the customer service phone number to ring directly to him.

Read more on KOAT.  Logan denies the allegations, but his Twitter account has some interesting tweets by him. On September 23, he tweeted:

Customers calling me again. Roadrunner Wireless is out again. Not for hours but days. Nobody will anwser the phones.

On September 30, he tweeted:

It looks like my last job is still going to refuse to return my personal property amounting in the tens of thousands of dollars.

And on October 26, he tweeted:

Anybody still left with Roadrunner Wireless as your internet provider? Please post your comments to let us know.

h/t, @ArrestTracker

UPDATE: December, 2016: all charges against Logan were dismissed. It’s a useful reminder that charges are just unproven allegations.

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