ME: No data breach found on Franklin Savings Bank Web site

Betty Jespersen of The Morning Sentinel reports:

Franklin Savings Bank on Friday assured customers who have not been able to reach the bank’s Web page that their information is safe.


The Web page is accessed with the addresses, and It has links that take customers to the bank’s FranklineBranch online-banking program, which is located at a different server and requires users to log in, but it does not directly connect with the bank’s external Web page, Thompson said. He said anyone who visited the bank’s Web page Wednesday, April 8, is advised to make sure their virus software is up to date and run a full virus scan. In addition, users should make sure their operating system and applications, such as Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash, are updated.


According to Peter Fortunato, the bank’s information-systems administrator, the code is not named and the intention of the code authors is not known.

It automatically directs users to a site in China where more instructions would be given to the infected computer, Fortunato said.

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