No decision on Casey Anthony jail video

Anthony Colarossi reports:

Chief Judge Belvin Perry heard arguments about whether jailhouse video of Casey Anthony should be unsealed and released to the public Wednesday, but he recessed court without ruling on the issue.

The video shows Anthony’s response upon learning that the remains of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie were found in the woods near her home in December 2008.

The defense’s argument against release hinges on the fact that that Anthony was in a medical facility at the time she was notified and was given a sedative. They argue that the camera was thus recording a “medical transaction” and that her subsequent statements, captured on camera, constitute the taping of a situation covered by medical privacy.

Read more on Orlando Sentinel and see what you think. I find it an intriguing question. Does a videotape of a sedated arrestee trigger medical privacy protections?

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