No-Log VPNs Exposed Users’ Logs and Personal Details for All to See

Ugh.  vpnMentor reports:

A group of free VPN (virtual private network) apps left their server completely open and accessible, exposing private user data for anyone to see. …..  Each of these VPNs claims that their services are “no-log” VPNs, which means that they don’t record any user activity on their respective apps. However, we found multiple instances of internet activity logs on their shared server.

Read more on vpnMentor. The report identifies the affected VPNs as: UFO VPNFAST VPNFree VPNSuper VPNFlash VPN, Secure VPN, and Rabbit VPN. It provides details of their attempts to contact companies and the developer, and the responses they received (and didn’t receive).

Consumers who use these VPN’s should definitely read their report.

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