No: Ransomware attack on Nordlo knocked out Vakt og Alarm’s sick signal systems in several care institutions

Nordlo is a provider of digitalization and managed IT services in Norway and Sweden. VG reports that a ransomware attack on the firm’s office in Haugesund on Friday also affected Vakt og Alarm AS. Vakt og Alarm offers alarm, communication and security solutions for care and open institutions. Nordlo is in the Vakt og alarm data center.

According to Vakt og Alarm’s web site, they provide “welfare technology” that enables individuals with disabilities to live at home:

– Vakt og Alarm delivers alarm, communication and security solutions to open care and institutions.
– We offer products, design, installation and service of security alarms all over the country – in some places directly and in some places in collaboration with local dealers.
– In total, we currently have over 250 municipalities as customers on our products – most on security alarms, but many also on alarm reception systems.
– The security alarm TMA has been our most important product in all years and is the security alarm that is deployed in most municipalities in Norway. The security alarm is now delivered in the 5th generation, TMA 5, both as an analogue, GSM and IP alarm.

Because Vakt og Alarm was affected by the Nordlo attack, the medical signal systems in several care institutions failed. On April 24, VG reported (translated):

As a result, the sick signal system at a number of care institutions in the country was down for counting on Friday.
– The challenges came on Friday, and it is still not all that is up, says general manager of Vakt og alarm Lillian S. Lien to VG.
She adds that their backup systems are not affected by the virus, but that these too have some limited functionality.
– Nordlo works continuously to get all systems with full functionality.

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