No sign patient information leaked; Interdev platform for Canadian paramedic agencies taken offline

Brendan Burke of The Peterborough Examiner reports:

There’s nothing to suggest patients’ confidential information has been compromised after a cybersecurity incident forced Peterborough County-City Paramedics’ data collecting software system to be shut down earlier this week, says Chief Randy Mellow.

“There’s absolutely no evidence that this incident has caused any medical or personal information to be compromised,” Mellow told The Examiner.

On the evening of Nov. 14, ESO, a Texas-based company that provides record management system software, allowing emergency responders and paramedic agencies — including Peterborough Paramedics — to capture and collect patient data, received an alert from its security team.

Read more at Yahoo! (Canada). There doesn’t seem to be any U.S. coverage (yet?) about any incident involving Interdev or ESO Solutions.

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