No, the unnamed processor breach is not another Heartland breach

Despite what some people might have suggested, Heartland Payment Systems has flatly denied that it is in any way responsible for the newest reports of another payment processor breach.

In response to a blog entry on The Consumerist, Nancy Gross, Heartland’s Executive Director of Marketing, replied:

We, too, have heard of a new breach. But, we can say with confidence that it is not at Heartland.

Although I could not reach Nancy to confirm the statement with her, Jason Maloni, Heartland’s spokesperson, kindly got back in touch with me to confirm that she had posted that statement and that Heartland is not the source of the second breach that is making the news.

And because I realize that some people may not trust denials under such circumstances, I can say that other information I’ve obtained from a confidential and reliable source strongly points away from Heartland.

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