North Carolina’s Much Anticipated Data Breach Notification Law Amendment Moves to General Assembly

Joseph J. Lazzarotti and Maya Atrakchi of JacksonLewis PC writes:

The much-anticipated amendment to North Carolina’s data breach notification law that we reported on earlier this year (see here) has finally been introduced to the state’s General Assembly. The bill entitled, an Act Amending the Identity Theft Protection Act, House Bill DRH40393-LR10C, is primarily sponsored by State Representatives Jason Saine (R), Brenden H. Jones (R), and Robert T. Reives II, and was developed closely with Attorney General Josh Stein.

Some important changes were made to the proposed bill, following the version we reported on back in January. Below are the key differences between the two versions of the bill:

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Also, please note this site’s page on state breach notification laws has been updated to include a new report that came out this month, but as always, state laws can change and any report on that page might not be totally current.  The links are provided to help you get started in your search for information, but not as your final stop.

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