Northrop Grumman (SSES) contract dump

content/images/gallery/random3/northrop-grumman-sses-contract-dump-pastebin-com_.png Northrop Grumman Corporation has become victims to the on going cyber war that anonymous hackers are taking out on the worlds governments and intelligence agencies alike. The attack on Northrop Grumman isn’t anything like the scales of recent attacks on strafor etc but still shows that these company are insecure and hold valuable information that could be useful to many other people. The leak came from twitter account @Black_J3StEr content/images/gallery/random3/northrop-grumman-sses-contract-dump-pastebin-com_.png @Black_J3StEr has also stated in the leak release that the data is old data and that the list is not complete.

  1. *Old crappy server, but has good info inside it
  2. *the list is not complete due the lazy condition and msaccess db , enjoy

The leaked data contains usernames, emails passwords and other personal information and by the looks of it all passwords are the same which suggest that they are a system generated for the accounts, which is probably the worst choice any website can ever make when it comes to password security.

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