Norway finds a way to recover crypto North Korea pinched in Axie heist

Laura Dobberstein reports:

Norwegian authorities announced on Thursday that they had recovered $5.9 million of cryptocurrency stolen in the Axie Infinity hack – an incident widely held to have been perpetrated by the Lazarus Group, which has links to North Korea.

The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) has called the seizure among the largest ever money seizures – and the largest-ever related to crypto – made by Norway.

“Økokrim are experts at following the money. This case shows that we are also good at following the money on the blockchain even though criminals use advanced techniques to avoid detection,” said senior public prosecutor Marianne Bender.

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  1. Joe Mama - February 17, 2023

    How does one recover stolen Crypto? Once someone steals Crypto, it’s in their wallet. Period. There’s no recovering in it. Unless N Korea like stole Axie‘s wallet‘s or something and never sent the Crypto to their own wallets.

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