Aug 042017

Spoiler alert: so this probably wasn’t the best-planned crime.

The New Indian Express reported this in July:

In a case of corporate espionage, a computer engineer’s bid to sell his employer’s data to a company, which he thought was a competitor, fell flat when the recipient discovered the two firms are in fact partners, and the data sought to be sold was their own. Shreesha Rao (23), a resident of Vinayaka Nagar in K R Puram, has been arrested and is now cooling his heels in judicial custody. He is a computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) professional who designs radius maps for a company called New Generation.

In a bid to make quick money, Shreesha Rao contacted another company, SBT Associates, offering to sell his employer’s data. After SBT Associates agreed, he sent the data as an attachment to his personal email, and then forwarded it to the buyer.However, Shreesha didn’t know that SBT Associates was a vendor for his employer, and that the data in question was in fact sourced from them.

Read more on New Indian Express.

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