Not our data, not our server – Amazon Kindle denies hacker’s claims

Jason Murdock reports:

Online giant Amazon has hit back at claims that a hacker was able to steal over 80,000 user records belonging to Kindle users from one of its servers.

On 8 July, a hacker using the pseudonym 0x2Taylor posted a link on Twitter to a data dump that appeared to consist of thousands of customer credentials – including names, passwords, email addresses, addresses and telephone numbers.

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  1. Regret - July 11, 2016

    As a Kindle user I was curious, so I downloaded the file and looked for my own name and a couple of relatives… didn’t find anything. I also did a zip code search, but didn’t find any nearby neighbors. I wonder if some reporter (or Brian Krebs) will contact some of the people who’s data is included to see if they have any idea where the data came from.

  2. Anonymous - July 12, 2016

    some one trying a get rich quick scheme on a password reuse list probably complied from a lot of sources. the crooks have all the time in the world to create a master list of username and passwords and then have bots perform logons to common websites.

    Or its an average schmuck that did a copy and pasting of some dumps with a bitcoin account and they will try to sell the junk list to someone thats unsuspecting.

    I always wonder if some of this created content is bugged with some zero day stuff, and some malware or backdoor that is not picked up by any antimalware vendor or by malwarebytes or virus total.

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