Notice of Data Security Event – City of Pleasantville, New Jersey

On October 8, 2013 the City of Pleasantville (“Pleasantville”) discovered that a computer used by a Pleasantville employee was infected with malware. Pleasantville commenced an internal investigation into this incident. Pleasantville retained independent, third-party forensics experts to confirm the extent of this malware intrusion and to assist in remediating the issue. Pleasantville retained privacy and data security legal counsel to assist in its investigations of, and response to, this incident. The issue involving the malware has been remediated and the secure functionality of Pleasantville’s system has been restored.

Although the investigations into this incident are ongoing it is possible that unauthorized individual(s) may have accessed personal information of certain individuals. This information may include names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, medical information, bank account information, mother’s maiden names, insurance policy information, passport numbers, employment information, tax identification numbers, vendor license information, and addresses. At this time, however, Pleasantville is unaware of any attempted or actual misuse of the data stored in the computer that was infected with malware. This notice is being provided pursuant to the data event notification requirements of the State of New Jersey. In addition to issuing this press release, Pleasantville is providing written notice to those potentially affected individuals for whom it has current or sufficient contact information.

Pleasantville has arranged to have 12 months of complimentary identity protection services for the potentially affected individuals. Affected individuals are also being offered additional information on protecting oneself from identity theft and fraud.

Pleasantville is also providing a privacy phone line for individuals seeking additional information regarding this incident. The privacy phone line operates, toll-free, at 1-855-755-8480 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time, Monday through Friday. Individuals are asked to please provide reference number 8736022514 when calling the privacy phone line.

SOURCE The City of Pleasantville

See their full statement on their website (pdf).

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