Notification delayed is notification denied? Betfair admits data hack… after 18 months

Nicole Kobie reports:

Gambling website Betfair has admitted its systems were attacked 18 months ago, but says it didn’t warn customers on the advice of UK police.

The gambling company was hacked in March 2010, according to a report leaked to The Telegraph, but Betfair didn’t notice the attack until six days later.

The report said card details of most of Betfair’s users were taken, as well as 3.15 million account names with associated security access questions, 2.9 million account names with addresses, and 89,744 sets of bank account details. The report into the attack was apparently dated at the end of September 2010, just days after Betfair had announced its IPO.

Read more on PC Pro. The company’s explanation for not notifying/disclosing was three-fold, it seems: SOCA advised them not to, they say, their security made the data unusable, and they were able to recover it all intact.

For additional coverage see Alistair Osborne’s report on The Telegraph.

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  1. Gary K - October 4, 2011

    Hummmm well when your on these sites, its a risky situation already. What do they want, a person to lose the money they cannot afford, or let a hacker simply take it from them? The end is the same result for most.

    With MSNBC publishing a documentary where a programmer figured out a way to see everyones’ playing cards on the table, all bets are off for those that are smart. Its better to play penny stocks and hope to strike it rich. The odds are probably better.

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