Notorious 8chan “subboard” has history wiped after federal judge’s doxing [Updated]

Sam Machovech reports:

On Monday, imageboard site 8chan’s “baphomet” subboard, an Internet destination known for hosting aggressive “doxing” posts, received a major history wipe the day after one of its users posted the personal information of a federal judge in the Silk Road case. Archived posts sent to Ars Technica contained the full mailing address, phone number, and Social Security number of Judge Katherine Forrest at the top of a “dox thread” from Sunday, February 8, that contained many other random people’s personal information.


Forrest’s details were identical to those that had been posted by anonymous darknet users in October of last year, though this time, they didn’t also include any threatening messages. A follow-up post by baphomet’s “Board Owner” account stated that “HW,” a reference to site founder Frederick “hotwheels” Brennan, deleted “the SSN posts” and told the baphomet board founder, previously identified via an associated Twitter handle as Benjamin Biddix, to “lay low.”

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