Now what/which military breaches were these?

The Department of Navy (DON) CIO recently blogged:

A few weeks ago, I received a letter from the Commanding Officer of my Navy Operational Support Center. While I am no stranger to trouble, I still wondered what had warranted such a letter. Much to my chagrin, it was sent to notify me that (for the fifth time) my PII had been compromised. And just this past week, I received a letter from the Army — an organization I have not worked for in 24 years — notifying me that my PII had been compromised (for the sixth time). Needless to say, privacy — the protection of PII and the elimination of PII compromises — is a burning passion of mine.

Carey goes on to point out some of the activities of the Navy and Marine Corps over the past year, but I’m wondering what breaches these were referred to above — and how many more military breaches involving PII we’re not finding out about.

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