NSW Health privacy breach: ‘horrified’ families waiting for answers about patient files found in derelict building

Following up on their earlier reporting, Ange McCormack of Triple j Hack reports that documents left improperly at the Garrawarra center for the aged remain on the floor while “safety procedures around potential asbestos contamination of the site is underway.”

Take a look at the scene there:

Image Source: TripleJ Hack.

And pictures from other rooms, shown in their original coverage of the breach, are just as bad.

There is no way that anyone should be able to claim that there was anything accidental or unknowing about this.  But apparently the Shadow Minister for Health Walt Secord told Hack that:

“This is not about apportioning blame, but this is about preventing it happening again and protecting the privacy of those affected.”

The two are not mutually exclusive. When you have a callous disregard for the security of sensitive information this way,  you damned well should be able to apportion blame, because if you can’t, it means you have no accountability in your system.

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