NTT DoCoMo Releases Notice its been Breached, Apologizes for the credentials leaked

news-from-docomo-personal-information-outflow-of-some-customers-you-have-your-contract-docomo-usa-wireless-tm-news-ntt-docomoUpdated: Translation put together of the press release, credits to YEP A few days ago i did a report on a leak of data that has come from Japanese mobile phone giant DoCoMo that contains credential leak. Over the past few days this site alone has had tens of thousands of hits in relation to the leak and now on the 27th DoCoMo has published a press release or notice on its main website in relation to this data leak. The press release is written in Japanese and poorly translates to English but you get the idea of what is going on anyway. The have made announcement that this data comes from a third party service and does not match the data held by DoCoMo. The third party service which has not been named appears to be a shop (unsure if its online or offline) that requires people to give full credentials when registering. At the end of the press release DoCoMo goes on to state that 1,805 customers have been affected and that they are sorry for any worry, inconvenience caused and they apologize deeply. Going a bit deeper a japanese blog which appears to of done a bit of investigating to this matter has stated that DoCoMo stated the following which just makes me laugh, "Unauthorized access from the outside is not technically possible". Properly translated:> Notice from NTT DoCoMo Regarding a leak of personal information concerning a number of customers who have a contract with "DOCOMO USA Wireless TM" April 27, 2013 hank you for your continued use of NTT DoCoMo services and products. It came to light on March 26th (US local time) that the personal information of a number of customers with a contract with the US-based mobile phone service "DOCOMO USA Wireless" provided by NTT DOCOMO USA, Inc. (hereafter, DoCoMo USA), the US subsidiary of DoCoMo, have been leaked as a result of unauthorized access from an external source. DoCoMo USA will be contacting affected customers individually, and notifying them of how to deal with this matter going forward. Note that the above-mentioned mobile phone services are separate to those services provided by NTT DoCoMo domestically within Japan, and no information has been leaked concerning the domestic customers of NTT DoCoMo itself. The items of personal information leaked and number of customers known to be affected to date are as shown below. → Leaked personal information • Customers who completed an application for DoCoMo USA Wireless on the DoCoMo USA online application website. – Items of information: "Customer name", "Address", "Date of birth", "Email address", "Credit card-related information (Name on card, Card number, Card issuer, Expiry date)". – Affected customers: 403 • Customers who completed an application for DoCoMo USA Wireless in part in a store. – Items of information: "Phone number", "Service usage plan", "Contract site", "Account number". (Other information including names has not been leaked.) – Affected customers: 1,805 We apologize deeply for the concern and inconvenience caused to our customers. [Contact for customer inquiries] NTT DOCOMO USA, Inc. Tel: +1-848-702-0806 (International call from inside Japan) e-mail: [email protected]


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