NU students’ financial aid information posted on state treasurer’s website

Alissa Skelton reports:

The University of Nebraska has asked the state treasurer to remove thousands of students’ classified financial aid and loan information that was published on a state spending website.

But State Treasurer Shane Osborn said Saturday that’s impossible for his agency to do with limited staff and resources.

“We don’t want to put anything up that is confidential, but the cat is out of the bag,” Osborn said. “The information has been up for a long time now, and the university was given several chances to scrub the data.”


The Journal Star discovered that students’ names and the amount of refunds of loans, scholarships and/or financial aid reimbursements in 2008-09 are posted on the website.

Craig Munier, director of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid, said students’ loans and financial aid amounts are not public information.

Read more in the Lincoln Journal Star.

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