NullCrew hacker pleads guilty

Jon Seidel reports that NullCrew member Timothy J. French pleaded guilty this morning in federal court in Chicago. NullCrew’s attacks on Bell Canada, University of Virginia, Spokeo,  Comcast, and other entities have  been covered in the past on this site (search NullCrew), and many of NullCrew’s “Fuck the System!” newsletters and YouTube videos remain available online.

During one of his interviews with this site, French provided a screencap of his communications with a Bell Canada support person taunting them about the hack. That interview was later referenced in the federal complaint against him after he admitted to an informant that he had given the interview.

Seidel reports that French, 21:

faces up to 10 years in prison and may be ordered to pay restitution up to $792,000 at his sentencing hearing, set for March 9. His eventual prison sentence is more likely to fall between 46 and 57 months. French signed a plea declaration and admitted his guilt to U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman.

Read more on Chicago Sun-Times. French has been held at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago after he was caught violating the conditions of his bail.

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