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NullCrew logo2012 has introduced many new hacker collectives to the scene but one has been making headlines more so then a lot of the others. Null Crew or otherwise known as @OfficialNull on twitter has been on a hacking rampage for a few months now that has had high profile and controversial targets in its sights. The american government has also been paying attention to the attacks by nullcrew members as they got themselves listed in one of the recent national cyber security threat reports by the Utah government. Below is a basic list of high profile attacks by nullcrew members, some of these attacks have been carried in the name of certain operations such as #OpAustralia and an operation against the cambodian government (#OpTPB2) for well known torrent website the pirate bay which itself has been in the eye of governments from all around the world. ### Tags:

OfficialNull – NullCrew### Member Twitter handles:

@OfficialNull @0rbit_g1rl @SuperSl1nk @Timoxeline ### Archives on

@OfficialNull### Attacks:

13-7-2012League of Nations Health Organization Hacked, Data Leaked16-7-2012Asus store hacked, administration credentials leaked by NullCrew19-7-2012ISP Netcom Hacked, Data Leaked after refused help by #NullCrew08-8-2012Australian Institute of Business Brokers Hacked For #OpAustralia31-8-2012Russian Auto Company Hacked, Data Leaked01-9-2012CBC Hacked By NullCrew02-9-2012Cambodian Government Sites Attacked for #OpTPB203-9-2012Sony Mobile Hacked, Data Leaked by #NullCrew21-9-2012Cambridge still being attacked by NullCrew07-10-2012Telecom Giant Orange Hacked, Data leaked by #NullCrew27-10-2012US Government hacked by NullCrew, Thousands of administrator credentials leaked 28-10-2012 Ford Motor Company Hacked -end Timeline will be updated when needed.

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