Numbers from Nationwide Insurance breach dribble out (update7)

I wish companies would heed my advice and get the bad news out at all once instead of staying in the news cycle as each new revelation hits the media.

We are starting to get numbers on the hack of Nationwide Insurance and Allied Insurance that I reported here on November 17:

and we know that California and Vermont also have affected residents, although we don’t those numbers yet.

So this looks to be a nationwide breach (no pun intended) and it may be a while before we know how many people were affected, total.

Update of Nov. 28:  And now we know that 286 Maryland residents were affected. Running total = 41,777.

Update of Nov. 29: And now we know that approximately 5,050 were affected in California.  Running total = 46,827

There have to be other states/data we don’t yet know about, because a press release from the state’s insurance commissioner this morning reports that one million were affected.

Update of Dec. 1:  Read the comments below this post to find out what other states are impacted.

Update of Dec. 4:  The Iowa AG’s office says 91,000 in Iowa were affected and that Nationwide reported the breach as affecting 1.1 million to North Carolina, one of only a few states that actually asks how many, total.

Update of Dec. 6:  170 in Hawaii notified.

Update of Dec. 7: More than 8,000 in New Mexico.

Update of Dec. 10: And 98,191 in Minnesota


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  1. Sarah - December 1, 2012

    I live in Nebraska and just got my notice. So frustrating.

    • admin - December 1, 2012

      Frustrating why? Because you’re not a customer and never were one, or for some other reason?

      I don’t think that Nebraska maintains a centralized repository of breach notices that I can access under freedom of information, so I don’t know if we can find out how many people in Nebraska were affected, but thank you for letting me know.

      • Anonymous - December 1, 2012

        I Live in Colorado. I just received notice in the mail of the breach. I have property and vehicle insurance through Allied. It seems to me that if they were truly concerned about my personal data being breached that I would have received a letter sooner.

  2. jim - December 2, 2012

    Nationwide was kind enough to send me their letter dated Nov 16, which I received Nov29 ,concerning my personal information that was “probably stolen “from their keeping, on oct 3. I live in Omaha Ne . I had Allied Insurance about six years ago that I had purchased the insurance policy from Peterson Bros Insurance also located in Omaha Ne. At the time I purchased the insurance I was reluctant to give up my personal info like my social security number, but I was assured that the processes and procedures they had would keep my information safe. I was surprised that they still had it on file after six years or so. Nice letter though, and whoever wrote it should be very proud.

  3. baeleight4913285 - December 3, 2012

    My friend in Arizona received a letter as well, stating the breach occurred on Oct 3, but an investigation was not started until Oct 16…what the heck?!?!

  4. Anonymous - December 3, 2012

    I live in South Dakota both me and my wife received letters.

  5. Colorado - December 3, 2012

    I live in Colorado and got mine today. Got a quote from them only and now all my information is out there.

  6. jim - December 3, 2012

    Today dec3 my wife received her “nicely written letter” from Nationwide Insurance company, The letter was dated dec16 like my letter was, and it was concerning the lose of Her personal information which i guess happened on Oct 3, that is sixty one days ago (61) So now we face a future with both of our identities being stolen. Other people potentially claiming to be us, scamming other people potentially for the rest of our lives sending their bills to us for collection. And I feel sorry for the people that will be coming to us, wanting money that is in all probability theirs. As fore mentioned , we live in Omaha Ne and purchased Allied Insurance from Peterson Bros Insurance some time ago. We have not done business with Allied insurance or Peterson Bros Insurance Agents for about six years. At the time we purchased the policy I was assured that their procedures and practices were safe , and that I did not have to worry about giving them my personal information. My son is still insured with Allied Insurance, he has not received his “nicely written letter” yet.

  7. farmboy - December 4, 2012

    I’m in Missouri and just got the notice from Nationwide. I’m not even a customer, but used the internet to do some rate shopping back in August. I wish these companies wouldn’t keep this information in the system after they provide the quote, but they think the information is gold (for whatever reason), instead of the liability that it can become!!

  8. Mary - December 5, 2012

    I live in Nevada and just got the letter dated November 16th on December 4th. I never purchased a policy from Nationwide nor Allied and NOW I have to worry about my identity being misused for the rest of my life!!!!!
    That is SO WRONG!

  9. Steve - December 10, 2012

    I live in AZ and it happen to me as we’ll. I am very frustrated and think there should be a class action law suite. My name is Steve Malizio an I should go ahead and post my ss# and date of birth. This is what they did. Ant advise out there?

    • admin - December 10, 2012

      Well, my first advice would be NOT to post your SSN and DOB. But you probably knew that already…

      Class action lawsuits are generally of very little benefit to the consumers. Example: major class action against Facebook just settled. Users get $10 each. That’s why I encourage people to see if their state AG/consumer protection will investigate and/or lean on Nationwide to provide longer coverage than 1 year. While CCN can be cancelled and replaced, your SSN will still be good to mis-use in two years.

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