Numbers from Nationwide Insurance breach dribble out (update7)

I wish companies would heed my advice and get the bad news out at all once instead of staying in the news cycle as each new revelation hits the media.

We are starting to get numbers on the hack of Nationwide Insurance and Allied Insurance that I reported here on November 17:

and we know that California and Vermont also have affected residents, although we don’t those numbers yet.

So this looks to be a nationwide breach (no pun intended) and it may be a while before we know how many people were affected, total.

Update of Nov. 28:  And now we know that 286 Maryland residents were affected. Running total = 41,777.

Update of Nov. 29: And now we know that approximately 5,050 were affected in California.  Running total = 46,827

There have to be other states/data we don’t yet know about, because a press release from the state’s insurance commissioner this morning reports that one million were affected.

Update of Dec. 1:  Read the comments below this post to find out what other states are impacted.

Update of Dec. 4:  The Iowa AG’s office says 91,000 in Iowa were affected and that Nationwide reported the breach as affecting 1.1 million to North Carolina, one of only a few states that actually asks how many, total.

Update of Dec. 6:  170 in Hawaii notified.

Update of Dec. 7: More than 8,000 in New Mexico.

Update of Dec. 10: And 98,191 in Minnesota


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