NurseryCam discloses a breach recently noted some research by SafetyDetective about whether baby cams were posing privacy and security risks.  Today, BBC reports:

A webcam system that lets parents drop in and watch their children while at nursery school has written to families to tell them of a data breach.

NurseryCam said it did not believe the incident had involved any youngsters or staff being watched without their permission, but had shut down its server as a precautionary measure.

The Guildford-based company told the BBC its service was used by about 40 nurseries across the UK.

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Over on The Register, Gareth Corfield has more about past concerns raised about the product’s security and the firm’s response to concerns. reached out to SafetyDetectives to ask if this product was among the ones they were discussing and if they had reached out to NurseryCam. SafetyDetectives responded that since their report was only about devices with no login required and NurseryCam had a login (however weak), it was not a company that they had discussed or reached out to.

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