Nursing assistant sentenced to 3 years for selling patient IDs

Another insider breach at a Florida healthcare facility. Patty Ryan reports that Denetria Barnes

was sentenced to 37 months in prison Tuesday for conspiring with a boyfriend [Jakiel Bazart] to defraud the government by peddling hundreds of patient identities. Many wound up in the hands of a Tampa detective posing as a tax refund thief.


Some of Barnes’ hijacked names appear to have come from Emerald Garden, the Clearwater assisted living facility that employed her. Others came from a contact at Tampa General Hospital, according to court records.

Read more about the case on Tampa Bay Times. Based on the court’s calculations of $500 per Social Security number, it would seem that Barnes was  involved in the theft of over 600 patient IDs from the assisted living facility or Tampa General Hospital.

It’s not clear from the media coverage whether the contact at Tampa General Hospital is someone we already knew/know about from other publicly disclosed cases, but it seems I missed earlier media coverage reporting that Barnes and Bazart had been arrested in May and pleaded guilty in July.

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