NV AG: Man Arrested For Skimming Credit Cards

Yet another traffic stop that leads to the discovery of an ID theft ring:

A Las Vegas man is facing federal charges after being arrested Sunday in connection with the creation and use of counterfeit credit and debit cards from information stolen from gas pumps, announced Daniel Bogden, U.S. Attorney General for Nevada.

Zalalem Berhe, 41, is charged with five counts of bank fraud, possession of 15 or more counterfeited credit, debit or gift cards, possession of a counterfeiting device and aggravated identity theft, the attorney general said.

During two traffic stops in Las Vegas in February and May, police officers found skimming devices used to steal magnetic information from credit and debit cards, laptop computers and software to make the counterfeit cards, and 18 cards, the attorney general said.

Read more on Fox5.  They’re accused of skimming 13,800 credit and debit card account numbers.

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