NV: School District updates its records disposal procedure

Kudos to Tom Considine of “Who Complys” for increasing local awareness of the need for proper disposal of the student and employee records.

Stephanie Carroll reports:

The Churchill County School District announced Thursday the purchase of an industrial shredder to update their student record disposal procedures after accusations of illegal disposal.

“I think our procedure of the past was one that was legal, but I think it was outdated,” said Will Jensen, director of Special Services, Transportation and Instructional Services.

Jensen said the district received grant funding from the Nevada Department of Education to purchase an industrial shredder, which he said is of the highest quality.


Controversy arose over the disposal of student records earlier this year when information protection professional Tom Considine alleged on his radio show “Who Complys” the district’s procedure of dumping documents was illegal.

He said there have been cases elsewhere where dumped records were blown into a town after a wind storm.

Jensen said multiple community members came to believe this situation had occurred in Churchill County and complained to the district.

Read more in the Lahontan Valley News.

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