NV: UMC has patient privacy leak

Marshall Allen reports:

Private information about accident victims treated at University Medical Center has apparently been leaking for months, the Sun has learned, allegedly so ambulance-chasing attorneys could mine for clients.

Sources say someone at UMC is selling a compilation of the hospital’s daily registration forms for accident patients. This is confidential information — including names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and injuries — that could also be used for identity theft.


Silver said she was not even sure there was a leak until the Sun reporter informed her Thursday that 21 patient records, dated Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, had been provided to the newspaper by a source as evidence of the leak.

It is not known how many patient records have been printed from hospital computers and distributed to outsiders. But the source told the Sun it’s believed to have been going on for months.

Other information contained in the documents includes each patient’s address, employer, insurance information and details of the accident and injuries.

“Wow,” Silver said upon learning about the actual leak of information.

Read more in the Las Vegas Sun.

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