NY: Buffet employee pleads guilty to identity theft

While the big cybercriminal gangs make headlines, it’s often the little local schemes that will cause you misery. WNYT reports:

An employee of the Golden Town Buffet in Bethlehem has pleaded guilty to stealing the credit card information of some of his customers.

Heng Li, 27, entered the plea in Albany County Court on Wednesday morning.

He was arrested back in August, for using a skimmer device to illegally obtain 39 credit card numbers.

Now here’s the thing… we’ve known for years that the hospitality sector is the single biggest business sector for credit card fraud and schemes. So why do we all continue using our debit and credit cards when we stop in somewhere local for take-out or to have a quick meal?

Answer: we’re lazy, we’re living above our means by buying things we don’t have the cash to afford, or we tell ourselves it can’t happen to us. Or none of the above?

But the next time you have fraudulent charges on your card, ask yourself whether that $7.00 you put on your debit card for a coffee and a sandwich was worth the aggravation you’ll now having cancelling the card or changing your auto-pay accounts to a new account number. And maybe vow to keep some cash on you to get you through your week so you don’t go for the plastic and can pay as you go.

Just sayin’….

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