NY: “Grief” claims to have breached Rehabilitation Support Services

A rehabilitation and support services agency that provides services to more than 3,000 individuals with psychiatric and substance abuse disorders each year has been the victim of a cyberattack by threat actors call themselves “Grief.”

Rehabilitation Support Services, Inc. (RSS)  operates in 13 upstate New York counties through 5 service divisions. According to their web site, their services include NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) residential group homes, licensed and supported apartment living, care coordination and case management, supported employment and agency-run businesses, wellness centers, personalized recovery-oriented services (PROS), and a wide array of related support programs.

On June 2, “Grief” added the agency to their victims’ list, writing:

The network of Rehab was screwed and now we have about 4 GB data from file servers, including internal company documents, personal and customers data. According to our rules we are publishing this data step by step in case if this company will keep silence.

 The threat actors’ last update was on June 29.

There have been more than 239,000 views of the listing. Image: DataBreaches.net

The files dumped by Grief were in folders labeled:  “Accounts”, “Misc”, “Property”, “Financial”, “Docs”, “TimeSheets”, “Audits –  Financial Statement”, “Accrual Reports”,  and “Clinton Avenue Housing.”

The files relate to financial matters, balance sheets, taxes, site plans, checks, deposits, health insurance, bank  statements, invoices, preliminary estimated projections, capital project summary, and more.

Examination of other folders revealed files that included healthcare certifications, medical documentation, loan payment/repayment transmittal form, loan application, resume reference request, and COVID-19 list/cards. In some cases, Social Security numbers of clients and employees, driver’s license numbers, nursing home lists, and children’s lists were also observed.

Employee hire form, redacted by DataBreaches.net
New patient self-assessment form (partial)
Part of a patient self-assessment form, redacted by DataBreaches.net.

Databreaches.net sent multiple email inquiries to Rehabilitation Support Services using a variety of email addresses, but received no reply. Nor is there any statement from Rehabilitation Support Services about this incident on their web site. It is not confirmed, then, that the threat actors ever successfully encrypted any files.

Although the data dump is relatively small, given the nature of the data, it would seem that notifications are in order to at least some patients and employees.

Reporting by Chum1ng0, editing by Dissent

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