NY: Hudson City School District employees hit by phishing scheme

Teachers in Lawrence Public Schools in Massachusetts weren’t the only school personnel hit by a phishing scheme this past week.  Jillian Nadiack reports that Hudson City School District personnel were also hit. And although the Superintendent didn’t answer a direct question about whether anyone fell for the two emails, it sounds like at least some did:

In an email sent to faculty and staff, Suttmeier said that through further research and investigation, it was discovered that there was a security incident in the form of a sophisticated phishing scam.

“As a result, employee information of all district staff including individual social security numbers were fraudulently obtained by an unauthorized individual,” the email read.

The email also stated a similar attempt was made on at least one other school district in the Questar region as well, but did not mention names.

Read more on The Daily Mail.

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